Rules for Call for Artists – Rocanotherworld 2023

1. A short description of AIC / Leading partner:

Asociația Industrii Creative, the organizer of the Rocanotherworld festival, operates for cultural, social, educational, and humanitarian purposes and aims at local revitalization, engagement of creative communities, and involvement in the civil life of society through actions that promote proactive, contributive, and participatory spirit.

Kaufland, the project’s leading partner, is one of Europe’s most important retail companies that actively engage with communities through social responsibility initiatives, holding onto their motto ‘Engagement makes the difference!’

2. Context

Care and responsibility for nature and the environment are shared interests of the organizers, and their actions aim for sustainability. Given that we give our full support to activities that focus on zero waste, separate collection, and waste recycling, the theme of this call for artistic projects urges creators to make an installation out of sustainable materials, either recycled or not; waste material, unusable objects. 

3. Participation criteria

The Contest shall be conducted following the provisions of these Rules (hereinafter referred to as “Rules”), which is mandatory for all the Applicants. The organizers reserve and claim their rights to modify the Rules during the Contest, with such modifications coming into effect only after publicly announcing the respective changes through the same communication channels through which the Regulation was initially made public.

Eligible applicants are young artists, self-employed professionals, independent artists, students, individuals without a stable income, and residents in Romania, aged between 18 and 35 years old. Romanian citizenship is not compulsory.

The winner receives a total grant of 7500 RON *(recomand suma în euro)* for an art installation made of sustainable and recycled materials, as the present call requires (this grant includes the production budget). The installation will be exhibited during the 8th edition of Rocanotherworld, on the 22th-25th of June 2023 in Iași, where the festival takes place. 

4. Theme

The theme of the present call is Human touch. We offer support for sustainable art projects through which we strive to reuse uncommon materials, waste, and unusable objects for artistic installations.

There are no specific technical requirements for the completion of the projects, yet it will be taken into account how feasible are the costs, including the costs of the materials used for the projects. 

5. Registration and calendar of the open call

  • Open call: 2nd of June 2023
  • Deadline for entries: 15th June 2023
  • Winner announcement: 17th of June 2023
  • Project presentation: 22-25th of June 2023

Required documents for registration: 

  • Letter of intent:
    (1500 characters max) 

  • Portfolio insertion (website, CV, artwork, finished projects)
    Please provide a link to your portfolio in a cloud storage service such as Google Drive, with viewing permissions set to allow access at all times and without any restrictions.

  • Proof of concept
    (max. 1500 characters) A description of the project. 

  • Project sketches:
    Please provide a link to your portfolio in a cloud storage service such as Google Drive, with viewing permissions set to allow access at all times and without any restrictions.

  • List of recycled materials used for the project
    (max. 1500 characters)

After the grant contract has been signed, the selected project receives the total sum of 7500 RON.  

6. Evaluation of registered projects

The assessment of the projects will take into account the following criteria: quality, creativity, how the concept fits the theme of the call, and the sustainability requirements given above, in the Rules. 

7. Copyrights

All portfolios and presentations registered must be created and owned exclusively by those who sign the projects. None of the materials will be made public by the organizers without the prior consent of the applicants. 

All winning projects can be used by the organizers of the call in any public and private contexts related to the Rocanotherworld festival, always alongside a presentation of the creator of the winning project. 

There will be no financial claims on the part of the organizers from possible earnings the artist may receive through their winning project. Any financial gain the artist has thanks to the project will not entail financial obligations to the organizers, and the project will remain eligible for other artistic calls, competitions, and professional development platforms. 

The applicant relinquishes the rights and image association to the organizer within the Rocanotherworld project, alongside the implementer, the funder, and other partners involved, for public promotion and communication purposes. 

8. Fees and taxes

The call entry is free. 

The organizer is obliged to calculate and remit the tax due on the income earned by the winners by receiving the Rocanotherworld prize. 

9. Participation during the exhibition of the projects

The winner of the contest must participate physically in the winning project’s exhibition during the presentation event organized by Asociația Industrii Creative, namely during the 8th edition of Rocanotherworld, held in Iasi from 22 to 25 June 2023.

10. Protection of personal data

The Organiser hereby undertakes to comply with the provisions of the personal data protection legislation including, in particular, the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”).

11. Final statements

Artistic entries must not have unlawful, defamatory, threatening, abusive, obscene, invasive of another person’s privacy, disrespectful of an individual’s rights, or racially, ethnically, sexually, or otherwise offensive content.

The organizer may reject entries if they do not comply with the requirements or the theme imposed by these Rules. 

The Organiser accepts no liability, including but not limited to the following situations: submission of entries by entrants to an address other than the one mentioned in these Rules; submission of entries by entrants outside the deadline mentioned in these Rules; loss of scholarship status due to inability to contact by e-mail and/or telephone; inability or delay in transferring the scholarship due to late or erroneous communication of contact/bank details to the Organiser. 

The Organiser accepts no liability for situations where the work infringes the intellectual property rights of a third party or where the data and/or declarations of Participants are inaccurate or incomplete. 

By participating in this call, Participants agree to abide by and comply with all provisions, terms, and conditions of these Rules. The Rules will be available free of charge to any applicant on the website