Rocanotherworld #8 – The third wave of artists

Iași, 23rd of May 2023 – Rocanotherworld organizers, Asociația Industrii Creative and Showberry, announce the third wave of artists for the 8th edition of the festival. The third wave of artists of Rocanotherworld 2023 awaits the public with seven bands and three DJs: Subcarpați, The Mono Jacks, byron, Grimus, HVNDS, Ottis Coeur, Coven Clash, Ufe, Bully, and K-lu will join the stages of Rocanotherworld 2023, during the 22nd to 25th of June.

The festival stage’s first lineup of bands includes Madrugada, Warhaus, Moonlight Breakfast, Orkid, We Singing Colors, Mihai Popoviciu, Luna Amara, Basska, Zimbru, Afgo, Lemon, and Rana, as revealed.

Online ticket purchases and subscriptions are now open, offering a discounted price until June 1st. After this deadline, tickets will be available at the regular price. Students and pupils can avail themselves of a 50% discount on the total ticket price, and children up to 12 years old can obtain complimentary tickets, provided that they are accompanied by a paying adult holding a ticket.

Rocanotherworld strives to create an inclusive and accessible festival, welcoming the participation of diverse audiences. Individuals with disabilities and their companions can obtain free tickets by completing the form published on the website, specifically in the FAQ / Tickets section.

Rocanotherworld 2023 is a festival dedicated to exploration and discovery, focused on music, art, thoughts, humans, and ideas, organized by Asociația Industrii Creative and Showberry in Iași, which first started in 2016, as a commemoration gesture for Ioan Dan Niculescu. The festival is a collective journey, a state of being, and a way to celebrate life by (re)connecting the people with their selves and individual sets of values, a cultural vibration, a way to redefine curiosity, authenticity, and solidarity (the power to #beforothers, in other words). The 8th edition of the Rocanotherworld festival will take place in Iasi from 22 to 25 June 2023, in the Aroneanu area, at Brizo.

The third wave of our lineup:


Subcarpați – the biggest independent musical project from Romania, Subcarpați was founded 12 years ago at the initiative of Bean MC, and all the members are friends who shared their passion for music and folklore from the very start. From 2009 to the present Subcarpați has released no less than seven albums: Etnologic (2010), Subcarpați (2010), the Culese din Cartier compilation (2011), Underground Folclor (2012), Pielea de Găină (2014), Satele Unite ale Balcanilor (2016), Zori și Asfințit (2018), and the vinyl Folcloru’i Oxigen Pentru Un Popor Astmatic (2021).

The Mono Jacks is one of those musical projects which tells a story about perseverance and the will to follow their dreams against all odds. The band founded by Doru Trascău (formerly AB4) released a successful debut album in 2008 – Now in Stereo. In 2010 the band suffered several changes regarding its component members and a hiatus which lasted two years until it regrouped and came to the present format. With renewed energy, The Mono Jacks released the second album at the very end of that year – Ușor Distorsionat, a roaring success and unexpected, which was the sum of nine years of effort, discovery, and hard work for the sake of passion.

byron is a rock band with diverse influences. They were founded in 2006 and they have released seven albums and three DVDs of live performances up to now. They’re used to singing to a large audience at festivals, as much as they’re used to singing wireless, with no amplifiers, to a handful of people. They filmed a concert in Salina Turda, 100 meters deep) since it was a challenge impossible to miss, they composed the score of an HBO Romania TV series. Occasionally they come up with improvised concerts (Impromptu series). In December 2014, they filmed the Electric Marching Band concert, at the National Theatre of Cluj, along with military fanfare and a choir, and its DVD release was supported through a tour of projections in cinemas. The album Eternal Return followed, and it was recorded in High Resolution in Dublin at the famous studios’ Windmill Lane, mastering done in Londra, Abbey Road.

Grimus, a Cluj-based band with over 16 years of experience is one of those bands that today is like a lighthouse to the alternative movement in Romania. They released four studio albums, and the most recent one, released in the Spring of 2022, is Abandonic. They held opening concerts for bands like Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Placebo, Kasabian, and Moby. With various compositions, either energetic and optimistic, radiant, or rather symbolistic and poetic, Grimus always makes a show full of vitality, honesty, and elegant taste. 

HVNDS is a group that took shape in 2016, and in the same year, they released their debut song, Turn On. The single made it into heavy rotation in an instant, along with the second release HOME. After the success of their third single, Nu Știi featuring NOSFE, in 2017, their relationship with Seek Music gave them the opportunity for a metal remake for the song Șatra se întoarce, featuring ȘATRA BENZ. After the release of their album COLOR in 2018, they got back into the studio to shape their new album, ANIMAL, co-produced by Seek Music afterward. For them, the year 2022 began with their newest release, the single Vin viu plec mort, featuring RAVA and Kolla Fonic, and this single broke the barriers between trap artists and HVNDS’s metal sounds. No matter the time or the public, the band gives off an unforgettable show with a unique energy. THIS IS HVNDS, THIS IS ANIMAL!

Ottis Cœur is a female duo from France who bring back to the audience a powerful sound and energetic guitar riffs reminiscent of the bands L7 and HOLE. Margaux, the sunny blonde, and Camille, the mysterious brunette, showcase the brilliance of their compositions as well as their truly unique musical alliance. Screaming release, the tandem joins forces and brings the whole project to life. 

Coven Clash is a Bucharest based musical project formed and founded by Andrei Constantinescu, drums, Mircea Voloh, guitar, and vocals. The band approaches a mix and amalgam composed of several musical styles such as alternative rock, garage rock, indie-rock, new-wave punk, stoner, and lo-fi. The band’s specific sound is identified and conceived through alternative and progressive guitar & bass riffs and punk-rock rhythms produced by drums. The band’s debut on stage took place on September 1, 2018, in Bucharest at a concert that gathered a large audience interested in discovering the new band in town”.

Ufe is the crazy man who fell irreversibly in love with music and dedicated his life to it. Vinyl is his middle name, but you can also call him Rumberto Eko. If you try to put him in a certain category, you can’t, because his style is more than eclectic and he likes too many musical genres: Afro-Latin, dub, drum ‘n’ bass, funk, blues, hip-hop or rock ‘n’ roll just to name a few. When he’s not searching for old grooves or blue breakbeats, you can find him in the studio meticulously creating his masterpieces.

Bully is one of the Romanian DJs who has successfully bridged the gap between underground and mainstream. Since 2000, he has conquered the dance floors of all relevant clubs in the country. He likes to create diverse musical experiences for his audience through a mix of different genres, from funky breaks and old school hip hop to breakbeat and drum N bass and also local spice in terms of folk and… who knows what’s next?

K-lu has been a DJ and producer on the electronic music scene since 2005. His shows are based on genres such as funk, hip-hop, electro, and bass music combined with his video mixes. Over the years, he has been part of several projects and bands, collaborated with various artists, performed at the biggest festivals in the country, and brought his music to jazz festivals, the Philharmonic in Timisoara and abroad. He is currently active in the Ken Pith and Bongo P projects. With a unique style based on scratch craft, K-lu easily stands out with his sets sprinkled with lines from Romanian classics that both surprise and amuse.

The latest edition of the Rocanotherworld festival, the seventh, took place in the Aroneanu recreation area in Iasi from 23 to 26 June 2022. The event was attended by more than 15,000 people in the audience and the concerts broadcast online had more than 70,000 views. Four stages with 16 guest bands, 15 DJs, and 10 improvising artists made up the musical program of the festival. 

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