Rocanotherworld #8 arrives bearing good news

Madrugada, Moonlight Breakfast, Mihai Popoviciu and many more!

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Iași, February 13 2023 – The 8th edition of the Rocanotherworld festival will take place in Iași between June 22 and June 25 2023. Already become one of the most eagerly expected happenings in the country’s north-east, the organizers announce the first artists which will perform this year on the festival’s stages.

Rocanotherworld 2023 is an exploratory festival dedicated to music, art, mentalities, people, and ideas, organized in Iași, having emerged in 2016 as an in memoriam of Ioan Dan Niculescu. This represents a collective journey, a state of mind, a celebration of life through (re)connecting to values, a cultural effervescence, and an outlining of a manner of being – curious, different, and open to the “other”.

Organized by Showberry and the Creative Industries Association, the festival has supported many projects with an impact on the community, and starting in 2021, together with the main partner – Kaufland Romania – Rocanotherworld set out on the mission to become a zero-waste friendly festival.

The first wave of artists which will perform on the main stage for this edition are: Madrugada (Norway), Moonlight Breakfast (Austria), Orkid (Romania), We Singing Colors (Romania); and the first DJ announced for the electronic music stage is Mihai Popoviciu.

Madrugada: majestic, magnificent, epic. These words are difficult to avoid when one must describe some of the greatest artists in Norway. They have always maintained their own sonic landscape throughout the years, they have been awarded a long list of prizes, and their 6 studio albums, one live album, and a plethora of singles and EPs have all become gold or platinum records. Some say that rock has died, but Madrugada have boosted its popularity and undisputable success, especially in recent years.

Moonlight Breakfast are a Romanian duo, currently based in Austria. A rough but sophisticated blend of dream pop, cosmic disco, electro, nu-jazz, and swing. Their first ever concert took place in 2011, for an audience of 35.000 people, as an opening act for Jamiroquai.

We Singing Colors combine indie folk with elements of electro and pop-alternative, to create their own vivacious world. It is a mix of an invitation to dance and be joyful, with occasional descents into the depths of sadness, resulting in a feeling of being at peace with oneself, and good vibes.

Orkid, the trio of neurotic shoegazers from Bucharest, define their style as `post-traumatic blues`. In their 6 years of activity, they’ve performed in over 150 concerts, they’ve opened for bands like Mogwai (Scotland), Death in Vegas (England), Mono (Japan), The Underground Youth (England), as well as the most popular local groups. Given that two of the `orcs` have backgrounds in visual production – Vlad is a screenwriter and film director, and Radu is an animation and graphic artist – Orkid is a cinematic product, placing emphasis on animated visuals, illustration, and design.

Each artist has a signature. Mihai Popoviciu is no exception. For over a decade, the Romanian producer and DJ has developed a body of work featuring deep grooves, crystal clear precision, and irresistible energy. Mihai’s ambition with each track and each DJ set is to convey the joy and energy which feed his dream: “It’s wonderful to see people dancing, smiling, having great fun. Whatever I do, that’s the focus.

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“Ever since the beginning, each piece of news we’ve launched has come with a lot of emotion and delight, but the joy we’re feeling now, sharing such a beloved first wave of artists with our audience, is overwhelming us with enthusiasm. Although there are several months left until the festival, the team is already feeling that impatient buzz. We’re all barely able to contain our eagerness to reunite on the 22nd of June and to #rocanotherworld for 4 days”, says Patricia Butucel, the festival director.

The most recent edition of Rocanotherworld, the seventh, took place in the Aroneanu leisure space in Iași, between the 23rd and the 26th of June, in 2022. The event enjoyed an audience of over 15.000 people, and the concerts which were broadcast online had over 70.000 views. Four stages with 16 bands, 15 DJs, and 10 improv artists comprised the festival’s musical program.

The activities undertaken within the #BeForOthers program comprises actions taken towards becoming zero waste, actions directed towards encouraging personal responsibility, eco thinking, and selective collection of waste, making food packages for stray animals, support for Ukrainian refugees, as well as supplying Ukrainian hospitals with medical materials and medicine.

Rocanotherworld is a state of mind inspired by the whole community, which gives it meaning year after year, through voluntary and enthusiastic participation, animated by the own values of those who are part of the audience, and outlines it as the most beloved festival in Iași.

Festival passes for Rocanotherworld 2023 can already be bought online, in limited numbers and at promotional prices.


Rocanotherworld 2023 is an exploratory festival dedicated to music, art, mentalities, people, and ideas, organized in Iași ever since 2016. It represents a collective journey, a state of mind, a celebration of life through (re)connecting to values, a cultural effervescence which we need in order to outline a manner of being and of feeling.

The Creative Industries Association is the organizer of the Rocanotherworld and Classix festivals in Iași, aiming to achieve a cultural revitalization of the city, aggregating creative communities, and being involved in the life of civil society through actions which promote a proactive, contributive, and participatory spirit.

Showberry is a startup which won the `Investește în oameni!` program. Ever since 2015 it has been developing cultural and creative projects, being one of the main promoters of public concerts and thematic events in Romania’s north-east region. Ever since 2016, it has been a co-organizer of the Rocanotherworld festival, and since 2020, a co-organizer of Classix Festival, along with the Creative Industries Association.

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